Today is the Fourteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time.

The public celebration of Mass resumed last Monday, 29th June.

The arrangements for the celebration of Mass are as follows:


Saturdays at 7pm from the Church of the Immaculate Conception


This Mass will continue to be celebrated without a congregation. Families marking Month Mind and First Anniversaries are encouraged to use this Mass when limited numbers of family can attend.


Masses with congregations:

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at 10am

In the Church of the Immaculate Conception.

In using the Church of the Immaculate Conception for these Masses those not coming to Mass and who have access to Wi-Fi or radio can join us through those mediums.

One word that keeps being mentioned as we begin to ease out of lockdown in all aspects of life is caution. I think it is better for us to start to celebrate Mass during the week with congregations and work our way towards Saturday evening/ Sunday morning Mass with congregations. The weekday Mass will be easy to manage and see how we get on. This journey to ‘normal service resuming’ may take some time – so be patient and whatever other Parishes are doing, I and I hope we have to do what is best for our situation, our Parish.

Coming to Mass will be a very different experience nowadays – at least for the foreseeable future. There will be fewer seats available – every second seat is cordoned off. Health and safety and hygiene, which is being followed in family life and in the community will also be an important aspect of being in Church also.

We have to get it right from the start.

All those entering the Church must use the hand sanitizers provided.

Members of the Parish Pastoral Council will meet and greet you and direct you within the Church.

Families can sit together. Those on their own sit alone. All groups must sit 2metres apart.

Fr Michael alone will distribute Holy Communion (at least for the time being). Holy Communion can only be received on the hand. This was the norm before Mass was suspended in March.

Fr. Michael will give directions on how to come forward to receive Holy Communion.

Leaving the Church will also have to be ordered and managed correctly.

Those attending are asked to bring a wipe with them to clean down the place where they were praying.

When lighting candles please queue appropriately.

None of us can predict numbers at these public Masses. A lot of people will be happy to stay at home and attend via the webcam or radio. Those who have been told for medical reason so stay at home have no choice at the moment. Anyone who is feeling unwell should remain at home.

Parishioners are asked to come to just one Mass during the week to allow others to attend. Numbers attending will dictate any changes to this request. Also remember, attending Masses in other Parishes may prevent their Parishioners from attending their own Church.

Members of the Parish Pastoral Council along with Parish members of the Cardinal MacRory Pastoral Area Resource Team met last week to discuss the above regulations for our Parish and will meet again in a few weeks to review our situation.

Ministers of the Word: Fr Michael would be grateful if those who normally read at the weekday Masses in all four Churches would volunteer to read at these weekday Masses. Contact him.

Also, those who attend these weekday Masses might volunteer to meet and greet and steward these Masses. As Parishioners get used to attending and knowing what to do this Ministry of Service may not be needed but would be a welcome addition to Mass in the long term.

The obligation to attend Sunday Mass continues to be suspended. Parishioners can attend the weekday Mass instead. If you want to bring your Parish envelope to these Masses a basket will be provided.

Please also read the notes for this Sunday on Latest News on the website for my full homily regarding the above.

Anniversaries: at the Saturday evening celebration of Mass I will pray for those whose anniversaries had been arranged that weekend and the week previous and the week following.

Lately deceased: Hughie McCann

Anniversaries arranged between 27th June and 12th July – Darragh, Seamus, Barney, Kitty Horisk, Barney Conroy, Mary Alice Hartnett (27th), Annie Campbell, Marie Williams (First Anniversary), Seamus McCaffrey (28th), Mick McGarvey (First Anniversary), Patrick Dan McGarvey, Sean & Sarah Canavan (4th), Dolores Blake (5th), Marian McCann (First Anniversary), Pat Rafferty, John & Brigid McCann, Michael & Kathleen McSorley (11th).

Blessing of the Graves: we begin this weekend with Dunmoyle – at Mass on Saturday 4th July via webcam from the Church of the Immaculate Conception we will remember all those buried around St Mary’s Church and especially those who have died since this time last year. At the beginning of June, I was filmed blessing the graves and you will be able to watch that video after Mass via YouTube – the link will be available on the Parish Website after Mass. So, there will be no great gathering of people in a physical way at Dunmoyle this year. Other dates: Ballymacilroy Saturday 25th July, Garvaghey Saturday 1st August – I will decide nearer the time for Old Errigal in September.

First Holy Communion: Will be celebrated in August. We need a Parish celebration and something to look forward to. So St Malachy’s PS will celebrate on Saturday 22nd August at 1pm in St Malachy’s Church. St Mary’s PS will celebrate on Saturday 29th August at 11am in the Church of the Immaculate Conception. St Brigid’s PS will celebrate on Saturday 29th August at 1.30pm in St Mary’s Church. I

see these as Parish celebrations were we can join the children and their families for this very special occasion.

Sacrament of Baptism: contact Fr Michael.

Feasts: Sunday 5th St Anthony Zaccaria; Monday 6th St Monnine, St Maria Goretti; tueady 7th St Maelruain; Wednesday 8th St Kilian; Thursday 9th St Augustine Zhao Rong & Companions; Saturday 11th St Benedict.

Errigal Ciaran Football Club are hosting a Million Step Challenge by way of a 5km walk/run this weekend, Sunday 5th July – money raised for two charities – ALPS and Heart Children Ireland. Further details of both charities and ways to register your interest to participate can be accessed through Errigal Ciaran Facebook or by contacting any committee member. A lot of us are walking these days so here is an opportunity to put that to good use charity wise.

Year of Reflection and Prayer in the Archdiocese was launched last year. Bishop Michael Router, our Auxiliary Bishop has written to remind us of this. You will find a video on YouTube by using the following link: At the end of the video three questions are outlined in order for the period of reflection to begin. (1) What has this period of separation and isolation changed for you in relation to Church and faith? (2) Identify one thing that we could do as a Diocese to begin to sustain faith, personally and collectively, as we emerge from lockdown. (Based on an article by Fr Eugene Duffy which highlighted the reality of fewer priests sooner rather than later and therefore fewer Masses.) (3) How can you and those close to you contribute to the mission of the Church in your Parish or Pastoral Area? Comments to Bishop Michael says that when the threat of the coronavirus has passed, we will be able to meet in small groups in each Parish around the Diocese to listen to the suggestions, the hopes and the concerns of people. This listening process will feed into the preparation for a Diocesan Assembly in the coming years. Mary’s Meals has shared a new film, #LoveReachesEverywhere. Watch for free and join Hollywood actor, Gerard Butler, as he meets some of the children and communities you are helping around the world at: or on Facebook Mary’s Meals Ireland

Parish Bulletin: some relatives or neighbours may like a printed off version of the Bulletin given to them!