As from Tuesday 1st September Parishioners can attend all Masses in the Parish.

Masks are mandatory when entering or leaving Church. Please observe social distancing while in the Churches.

Those receiving Holy Communion can only do so on the hand – as was the norm last March.

In coming to receive please respect social distancing in the procession to the sanctuary.

Those attending are asked to bring a wipe with them to clean down the place where they were praying.

Like our homes, it is important to keep our Churches clean and hygienic.

After Mass, when outside the Church, please once again respect social distancing.

Attending any of the weekday Masses fulfils the Sunday obligation which has been suspended for the foreseeable future so please plan which Mass – you have six to choose from during the course of a week – suits you or your family.


Masses and intentions and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament:

Saturday 7th 7pm* Church of the Immaculate Conception Jimmy, Nellie, Seamus Askin, Patrick Mullan

Sunday 8th 11am St Malachy’s Church

Tuesday 10th 7pm* Church of the Immaculate Conception Deceased from last twelve months

Wednesday 11th 10am St Mary’s Church

Thursday 12th 7pm St Malachy’s Church

Friday 13th 10am St Matthew’s Church John Bogan

Saturday 14th 7pm* Church of the Immaculate Conception Matt & Catherine Askin

Sunday 15th 11am St Mary’s Church Michael & Sarah Ann McGarvey, Roseann, Neil, Michael Donnelly

Tuesday 17th 7pm* Church of the Immaculate Conception Babies Mass

Wednesday 18th 10am St Mary’s Church

Thursday 19th 7pm St Malachy’s Church

Friday 20th 7pm St Matthew’s Church Deceased from last twelve months

Saturday 21st 11am St Mary’s Church John McCann First Anniversary

Saturday 21st 1pm St Malachy’s Church Wedding

Saturday 21st 7pm* Church of the Immaculate Conception McKeown Family Dec

Sunday 22nd 11am St Matthew’s Church

*webcam available via Parish website or


Readers should check their rota especially for Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Readers for weekday Masses are always welcome.

Mass on Tuesday and Thursday evening should suit those working in the morning and facilitate families wanting to arrange and attend anniversary Masses and who wish to avoid the bigger crowds on Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: Wednesdays at St Mary’s Church, Dunmoyle after Mass til 11am

Thursdays at Church of the Immaculate Conception, Ballygawley 10am to 6pm at main Altar

Fridays at St Matthew’s Church, Garvaghey after Mass til 2.30pm

Please note that the above dates, times, and venues can change due to any change to guidelines during the present pandemic.

The Apostolate of Adoration invites you to ADORATION, PRAYER & FASTING on the FRIDAYS in NOVEMBER for: Renewal of the Catholic Faith in Ireland; Reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary; The Suppression of the Pandemic; The Holy Souls; Preparation for Advent and for the Birth of Jesus.

In our Parish risk assessment and preparing our Churches for public liturgy we had to work out numbers for each Church – Church of the Immaculate Conception 100; St Malachy’s Church 78; St Mary’s Church 66; St Matthew’s Church 50. This number is for single people attending, the number increases when family bubbles attend.

Lately deceased: Bridgid Kelly, Mary Kelly, Michael Kane, Brendan McCarron, Fr John O’Leary, Peter Cordwell, Mary Quinn.

November – remembering our dead.

1. We usually celebrate Mass for all those who have died during the past year. As this would bring a large number of people together in one place, which would not be advisable at present, we will celebrate Mass in each Church – remembering our dead and those who grieve – as follows:

Tuesday 10th at 7pm in Church of the Immaculate Conception remembering Mo Tber, Kathleen McCrystal, Seamus McCabe. Friday 20th at 7pm in St Matthew’s Church remembering Maggie Devine, Oliver O’Neill, Frank McKenna, Kathleen Gavin. Wednesday 25th at 7pm in St Mary’s Church remembering Francis McCann, John McCann, Declan McGarrity, Hughie McCann, Jimmy Mullin, Minnie Mullin, John Donnelly, Francie Mulgrew.

2. Mass for mothers and fathers and families whose baby/babies died prematurely, or at birth or soon after birth or in infancy will be celebrated on Tuesday 17th at 7pm in Church of the Immaculate Conception.

No other anniversaries will be mentioned on the above dates – which hopefully will go ahead unless restrictions on gatherings prevent us.

Feasts: Monday 9th Dedication of Lateran Basilica, Rome; Tuesday 10th St Leo the Great; Wednesday 11th St Martin of Tours; Thursday 12th St Josaphat; Saturday 14th St Laurence O’Toole; Sunday 15th St Albert the Great; Monday 16th St Margaret of Scotland, St Gertrude; Tuesday 17th St Elizabeth of Hungary; Wednesday 18th Dedication of Basilicas St Peter and St paul; saurday 21st Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary; Sunday 22nd Christ the King, St Cecilia.

Sacrament of Baptism: we welcome into the Erigal Ciaran faith community Frankie Matthew Harte; Páidí Hugh Devine who were Baptised recently.

Sacrament of Marrage: congratulations to Declan Quinn and Amanda Owens who were married recently.

Thanks to those who donated money for the Lourdes Grotto and Babies headstones.

A “Come and See Evening” will take place on Monday 23rd November in Armagh for those who are thinking about Diocesan Priesthood. It will be an opportunity for men (18 years and older) to come together, to reflect more on the call to Priesthood in the Archdiocese of Armagh. Those who join for the evening will have an opportunity to hear a young priest share something of his story and they will be able to ask questions and join for worship and prayer. Anyone who may be interested in joining is asked to contact their local priest or you can contact the Diocesan Vocations Director at or call Fr Peter at 028 37522802

Bulletin – the next bulletin will be published on November 22nd.

What is the Mass? The following is taken from a book by Fr Patrick Mullins OCarm. The bread and wine that are offered in the Most Holy sacrifice of the Mass become the Body and Blood of Christ. … in the Mass, Christ’s ‘once for all’ self-sacrifice on Calvary is offered in a sacramental manner, using the sacred signs of bread and wine that Jesus himself gave us at the Last Supper. The Mass is not a repetition of Calvary, for Christ died only once. It is as though the time and space in which we now live were somehow collapsed so that his one sacrifice become truly present among us in our space and time. It is the same sacrifice made sacramentally present whenever and wherever we do what he commanded us in his memory. In this way, our offering of bread and wine becomes his sacrifice on Calvary and his sacrifice on Calvary can be offered in many different places and at different times. When we receive the Eucharist, our senses continue to see and to taste bread and wine, even though our faith assures us that we are receiving the Body and Blood of Christ. We believe that the priest acts in the person of Christ and that, in and through him, Christ’s self-offering at the Last Supper and on Calvary is made present in our midst. … At the Last Supper, Jesus interpreted his self-offering to the Father and his imminent death on the Cross by instituting the Mass as ‘the holy and perfect sacrifice’ of his Body and Blood and commanding us to eat and drink. Every time we celebrate this sacrament, we offer the same ‘holy and living sacrifice’ that Christ himself offered ‘once for all’ (for our sins and the sins of the world) the sacrifice that has made peace between us and God and that brings salvation to the whole world.