Masks should be worn when attending Mass.

Please observe social distancing while in the Churches.

Those receiving Holy Communion can only do so on the hand – as was the norm last March 2020.

In coming to receive please respect social distancing in the procession to the sanctuary.

Those attending are asked to bring a wipe with them to clean down the place where they were praying.

Like our homes, it is important to keep our Churches clean and hygienic.

After Mass, when outside the Church, please once again respect social distancing.

Attending any of the weekday Masses fulfils the Sunday obligation which has been suspended for the foreseeable future so please plan which Mass suits you or your family.

Saturday Church of the Immaculate Conception 7pm for Ascension of the Lord – Kevin McCartan

Ascension of the Lord St Malachy’s Church 11am – Patrick, Brigid, Sean McCrystal

Tuesday 18th Church of the Immaculate Conception 7pm

Wednesday 19th St Mary’s Church 10am

Thursday 20th St Malachy’s Church 7pm

Friday 21st St Matthew’s Church 10am – John & Annie O’Hanlon

Friday 21st Church of the Immaculate Conception 7pm – Kathleen McCrystal First Anniversary

Saturday St Mary’s Church 5pm for Pentecost

Saturday Church of the Immaculate Conception 7pm for Pentecost

Pentecost Sunday Church of the Immaculate Conception

11am Sacrament of Confirmation

1pm Sacrament of Conformation

Seats will be wiped down between ceremonies.

Tuesday 25th Church of the Immaculate Conception 7pm

Wednesday 26th St Mary’s Church 10am

Thursday 27th St Malachy’s Church 7pm

Friday 28th St Matthew’s Church 10am

Saturday Church of the Immaculate Conception 7pm for The Most Holy Trinity – Pat, Nellie, Liam, Seamus McKenna

The Most Holy Trinity St Matthew’s Church 11am – James Devine

*webcam available via Parish website or

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament: Church of the Immaculate Conception Thursdays 10.30am to 6pm.

St Matthew’s Church Fridays 10.30am to 2pm.

Rosary recited before each Parish Mass starting 20minutes before Mass starts.

Lately deceased: Mary McCabe, Terry Gallagher, Patrick Conlon, Fr Tom Rafferty MHM.

Feasts: Sunday 16th Ascension of the Lord, St Brendan; Tuesday 18th St John I; Thursday 20th St Bernadine; Friday 21st Ss Christopher Magallanes & Companions; Saturday 22nd St Rta of Cascia; Sunday 23rd Pentecost and Parish Confirmation Sunday; Monday 24th The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church; Tuesday 25th Sts Mary Magdalene de Pazzi, Bede, Gregory VII; wdnesday 26th St Philip Neri; Thursday 27th St Augustine of Canterbury; Sunday 30th The Most Holy Trinity. The Easter Season ends on Pentecost Sunday and Ordinary

Time reumes with Week 8 on Monday 24th May – Sunday readings Cycle B, Weekday readings Cycle 1. Green vestments are worn at Mass by the celebrant. The Prayer of the Church (breviary) Week 4.

First Communion: congratulations to the 46 girls and boys who received their First Communion in our Parish recently – the ceremonies were beautiful and simple, and the weather was kind. Thanks be to God.

Sacrament of Confirmation – two ceremonies – on Pentecost Sunday 23rd May in Church of the Immaculate Conception first at 11am for P7 St Brigid’s and St Malachy’s Primary Schools; and second at 1pm for P7 St Mary’s Primary School.

Parish Masses at which Parishioners can attend on Confirmation weekend: Saturday 22nd May 5pm St Mary’s Church, Dunmoyle and 7pm Church of the Immaculate Conception, Ballygawley. The Confirmation ceremonies – due to numbers – only allows for Confirmandi and immediate family.

Sacrament of Marriage: congratulations to Danielle McNally and Paul Reilly who were married recently.

Trocaire: monies sent from this Parish £5445.71 and 30.74Euro. Thanks to all who contributed.

Stephen Wilson, student for the priesthood, who spent some time with us in the Pastoral Area last year as part of his preparation for priesthood will be ordained deacon this weekend, Ascension Day, May 16th in St Patrick’s Cathedral at 3pm. The celebration will be live streamed on the Armagh Parish website. Keep Stephen and Colm Hagan, who will be ordained also that day, in your prayers.

St Matthew’s Church, Garvaghey: parishioners may have noticed some dampness on the inside walls – to alleviate this the outside walls need to be treated and painted and then the inside walls. Also some plaster work needs refurbishing. Those interested in carrying out these works should contact Fr O’D for more information with a view to offering a quote for the works.

Ballygawley Early Years: are advertising for relief staff to cover Playgroup sessions (morning and/or afternoon) in any event of Staff illness/training. Relief staff do not need to hold a childcare qualification, but the role would suit anyone over the age of 18 with an interest in young children and their social development. Competitive hourly rates of pay. Ballygawley Early Years is a fun and happy environment where the young children of our community learn, grow and develop. If you are interested in being a part of our Playgroup community please contact: Or ring Jane McAnenley on 078400 01482

Bulletin – the next bulletin will be published on May 30th.

National Synod for the Church in Ireland: Armagh Diocesan Assembly Autumn 2024 – What does God want from the Church in Ireland at this time? See link on Parish website.

SILENCE IN WORSHIP Silence is an important element in all communication. It is particularly important to allow for silence as a part of the dialogue between God and the community of faith (congregation). It allows for the voice of the Holy Spirit to be heard in the hearts of the people of God and to enable them to unite personal prayer more closely with the word of God and the public voice of the Church. During liturgical silence all respond in their own way, recollecting themselves, pondering what has been heard, petitioning and praising God in their inmost spirit.

Liturgical silence is not merely an absence of words, a pause, or an interlude. It is a stillness, a quieting of spirits, a making of time and leisure to hear, assimilate, and respond. Any haste that hinders reflectiveness should be avoided. The dialogue between God and the community of faith taking place through the Holy Spirit requires intervals of silence, suited to the assembly, so that all can take to heart the word of God and respond to it in prayer.

In the Penitential Act, the people and celebrant pause to remember their sinfulness and the loving-kindness of God in Christ. At the collect (opening prayer), they put themselves and their deepest needs and desires before God. After the readings and Homily, they savour God’s word, ponder it in their

hearts like Mary, and apply it to their lives. Before Communion, they compose themselves to receive the Lord, and afterwards praise and pray to God in their hearts.

Liturgical silence is a corporate activity shared in by all present, by which all support and sustain each other in profound prayerful solidarity. It demands a stillness and prayerful concentration, which the priest celebrant and all ministers can help to bring about.

Structurally, liturgical silence is indispensable to the rhythm of a balanced celebration. Without periods of prayerful and reflective silence the celebration can become perfunctory in its haste or burdensome in its unrelieved sound and song